Waking up in Sweden

I started the morning with some yoga. It has been a while and I feel a bit rusty, but I went through 5 minutes of deep breathing and 10 sun salutations. Then I improvised for about another twenty minutes; sitting reaching for the toes, cobra, candle, child’s pose, headstand. I also tried a new pose after googling for the Sanskrit names which I have yet to learn; dolphin pose! I found it on https://www.google.se/amp/s/greatist.com/move/common-yoga-poses/amp It is like the downward dog which is part of the sun salutations, but with the elbows bent so the lower arms are laying horizontal along the floor or ground!

Got my old yoga mat back which my Mom had used in her art studio to protect the floor from paint. But the few stains only enhance it in my opinion!

For breakfast; cashew nuts, walnuts and my mothers home made müsli mix with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, oat flakes and dried fruit.

I also added some mango juice!

My mother is 63 years old and keeps herself in great shape with yoga and tennis. Neither of my parents are vegan (yet) but eating vegan at their place is super easy, since they what they eat is already so well balanced, both ecologically and nutritionally.

#yoga #mornings #health #healthyhabits #healthybreakfast #vegan

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