Back on track

Should I sign or should I not??

After taking my parents advice to return into the Swedish social security system, we took an energizing walk around the beautiful mix of residences and wilderness in Vallentuna.

Two happy beings sharing the celtic name Kenneth, meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’

Here we are at rune stones telling the history of ancestors in the age of the Vikings, a millennia ago.

Full pictures of the stones to learn how to read and write runes from!

My father tracked our walk in detail with an app on his phone. We were out for over an hour in the refreshing autumn air and covered over five kilometers of varied terrain; streets, pavements, gravel and forest tracks.

We also stopped and sat by the lake, I will show you more of it in a future post!

My father told me the local authority decided it has too much fish for people to swim in it and are hiring people to fish from it. That sounds ridiculous to me. As a lover of nature and vegan, I say, why not just swim with the fishes?

Now I will help carrying up and sorting out the groceries my mother bought.

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