Bring about a new world

My personal experiences confirms that at the core of all religions and all spiritual teachings as well as the latest results from science are pointers towards the same ultimate truth

  • Consciousness as the totality of existance itself is unconditional love and is prior to anything manifested
  • Consciousness is everyone and everything that ever existed and ever will exist
  • Conflicts are not ultimately real
  • Death and fear are not ultimately real
  • Every being is every other being
  • Ideas are not the truth
  • All ideas are ultimately illusions and equivalent
  • Identification with ideas is the only thing that keeps us from embodying the ultimate truth.
  • The ultimate truth is unbounded and unlimited, no divisions into objects and subjects are necessary
  • The ultimate truth is accessible anywhere in any form by anyone, no special idea or teaching is needed.

Spread this message around the world and liberate all beings!


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