Consequences of the carnist choice

A vegan were troubled by the following conundrum:
“Whenever I try to explain that humans aren’t really meant to eat meat or dairy products, they always say that can’t be right cause they are on the food pyramid. How do I respond to this?? Even I start second guessing myself when they say that.”

First, can we recognize that any meaning is made up by the mind? Words are superimposed onto the actual observations. Can we also recognize then, that there is a the choice of where to place oneself, of what made up model of reality to believe in?

If we accept this, then we accept that we made the choice of placing ourselves on top of that imaginary food-pyramid, a model that is causing perpetual death and suffering to both self and others. And that there is a choice to maintain these habits. The body functions according to the energies it digests. The industry of perpetual holocaust maintained in the world today appears to give humans deteriorating health in a gradually decaying body, manifesting in diseases such as cancer. Look at unbiased research on the connection between food sources and health and find the clear correlations.

But instead of looking just for data, I invite you to allow yourself the time and breathing-room to see and feel reality as it is, leave behind societal/cultural-imposed beliefs (a regular meditation can help with that).

You might discover that it is a natural no-brainer to choose health, love and compassion, without the need of an external authority telling you what is right or not. Any individual can become conscious enough to choose a healthier life.

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