A new building concept

Today I designed a unique architectural concept for future cities. Each unit has

  • self sustainable energy but interconnected grids
  • separate traffic and pedestrian levels
It is scalable
  • in size from family/single business to mammoth size (think larger than Burj Dubai)
  • in access points from 1 to as many as needed
It has
  • space and optimal placement for air/solar and geothermal energy production and room for new energy technologies to be included
  • a design taking advantage of structural movements at heights to generate energy
It is meant to work for any current purpose common to city planning, such as
  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Community
  • Entertainment
  • Industry
  • Recreation
  • Residence
  • Gov. or gov. service
  • Transport/logistics
  • etc

Thus, it is well adaptable for separating special transport from regular.

It is based on ideas tested and proven for millions of years by nature.

In my opinion it is superior to most buildings in the world today, in most, if not all aspects.

I then sketched on a self-sustainably powered airborne platform to facilitate construction of the extremely high versions of the structure.
And finally I outlined an idea for a new solar powered combined heat/electric generator adapted to take advantage of its peculiar shape.
I will refine these designs ideas and present them in more detail on my website, stay tuned!

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