Notes reading ‘Thoughts on Art and Life’ by Leonardo da Vinci

After reading Leonardo’s opinions on beauty as superiorly expressed and experienced by the eye than the ears, the reason being that it is not subject to a span of time during which the experiencer forgets what has been experienced (something I do not agree on) I pose the following questions as an invitation to explore from an enlightenment perspective:
Is it possible to experience that which is beauty, total and complete, pervading and unifying all senses, without pertaining to or attaching it to a particular object of the mind, past, present or future?
Can it be done effortlessly, without focus?
Does this contemplation lend access to higher awareness and truth?
Also, outside the topic, as a contemplation, what is the optimal way of expressing thoughts when getting enthusiastic about a subject, still retaining the aim to capture as large and broad an audience as possible, who can benefit from the discovered results?

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