Insights from a period without dreams followed by a period without sleep


Have you wondered about what dreams really are, what sleep is?

In this post I want to elaborate around the personal experiences and insights I have had on what sleep and dreams are in relation to consciousness and the true nature of reality during my most profound enlightenment experiences, which peak took place just about a year ago, in the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. It seems when attaining enlightenment, the boundaries between these to states no longer are as clear as they seem to be, and that at a point they actually dissolve completely.

First I want to describe what the enlightenment experience, which is related to ego death and having no desires is like.

It is a rebirth in the sense that by removing the ego’s will completely, one ‘touches’ base with the primordial will that is generating existence itself. At that point, a being starts ‘skimming’ the surface of reality, as a ball which was previously been submerged underwater due to its density, but now, almost empty of content, it bobs along on the surface, where the emptiness above is the eternal origin, a direct connection to the infinite. Instead of being carried along under, following a certain stream, one becomes ready to be filled with any purpose and go towards any direction from the basis of the current circumstances. These circumstances, the now, can be seen as a point in a multidimensional object extending infinitely in infinite directions. This is actually always the case, but awareness and consciousness is rarely focused enough to experience in the daily life of an ordinary human. In fact, this is the reason why enlightenment sometimes described as awakening and life as ‘the waking dream’. But instead of experiencing reality as something happening to one self, one experiences oneself as being the one generating cause of the entirety of reality.

Now, onto some insights on the origin and reason for dreams.

When unenlightened, or in lower states of consciousness, a being is full of resistance to the perceived ‘other’ during its waking hours. The other is everything it assumes is not itself, including accumulated memories. This creates a kind of ‘pressure’ building up in the beings mind, a bubble which it is unaware of. Falling asleep, the ability to control experience is completely removed and the dream world is generated from the contents of the bubble. Note that becoming conscious of this content can bring enough awareness to resolve the causes for the buildup.

The more a being perceives that are unable to control their surroundings in a positive way, the more troublesome dreams they will have. Especially if they fear anything in their immediate external circumstances. Also any unresolved fears or issues of the past might be carried along into the dream.

A being which is in a more harmonious environment will more likely dream of postive future possibilities, however might not understand that anything they encounter in a dream is actually possible to experience while awake as well, due to lack of awareness and self-imposed limiting beliefs.

The enlightened being however, by transcending the boundary between self and other does not accumulate any unwanted experiences to resolve during its waking state. Instead they effortlessly flow along in reality without any need to control or resist it. When going to sleep they do not dream at all. Any future possibility will be left to the waking state, since there is no resistance to their actualization. Being fully aware and part of the creation and manifestation of all experiences, only a conscious intent by the being itself will create a dream during the sleeping state.

Even the need for sleep can easily be overcome, since there is no longer anything wearing the mind or body down to the point of sleepiness.

Note that what is perceived as reality, or the waking state, can also be seen as a longer form of dream. A dream that has just been going on for long enough to make certain aspects of it, such as physical laws seem fixed or constant. This perceived certainty, however, is an illusion.

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