Reflections from a “radical” mind on the perception of “normal”

From my current observational point after a few years of vegetarianism, some months of veganism, increased spiritual and self-awareness leading to several enlightenment experiences, my take on the majority of the western civilization is that it is and has been for a long time suffering from a perpetual mass-psychosis, one in which I myself participated in for most of the years of my life. This mass-psychosis could be categorized in terms of a secondary type of self-delusion of what it is possible to be and become as a human being. It is a mass-induced and self-perpetuated paranoia and fear of the unknown, be it of religion, culture, spirituality, drugs, sexuality or other phenomena or belief which does not fit well with the current paradigm. This includes an over-identification of the importance of maintaining the own personality/ego-structure together with its cultural circumstances, and a victimizing/dis-empowering mindset when looking at one’s own capacity to change it. An over-reliance on seeking external solutions to self-created problems, instead of looking inwards and finding true purpose.
I want to share this perhaps seemingly negative observation as a kind gift in the hopes that it can greatly benefit and open the eyes for anyone who would like to accept it. I believe it is up to each and everyone to find out their own truth and discover what extraordinary beings they truly are and deeply desire to become. We are all on the path together. Take back your power, become a creator, heal yourself and heal the world! And don’t forget to have fun too!

A simple way to get started is to set up a meditation practice if you do not already have one. Find one which appeals to you. For example, set off twenty minutes at a time when you can be undisturbed, at a place you enjoy being in. Do it every day. It is free, everyone can do it. It gives tremendous results, in a very short time.

2 thoughts on “Reflections from a “radical” mind on the perception of “normal”

  1. Nice reflections Björn. I do not know if it is in a constant psychosis that we are living, or an alienation, or something else, or all together… But I agree with you that meditation/mindfulness helps getting a clearer view and sets us into becoming our essence, which is conscious and compassionate.
    Although I also do agree with you in that it is up to each of us doing the work of inwards seeking, I think that at some point during our education at schools, we should get in touch with this; everyone should have the opportunity to be taught about consciousness, compassion, etc… as we also have the opportunity to be taught about mathematics, biology, history etc…
    I know…, if we were taught that at our homes, in our family, things would get easier, but for the paradigm to shift, I think that we should get this into our education systems.
    What do you think about this idea?


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Itxaso!
      The idea for this blog post came as a sudden flash of insight. I was actually reading about psychosis to investigate and understand my own past better when I realized this broader perspective. We are social beings and are so easily programmed to accept some things as truths. My motivation behind the blog is to provoke thought and raise awareness to help us all see clearer how this mechanism operates, not just on a personal level.
      Yes, I do think the education systems in many places are in great need of a change! The earlier children can be seen and acknowledged as they are without being judged and conditioned into old prejudicial belief systems, the greater the power for positive change. Then they can be helped to realize and fully express their inner essence, free of any fears. That is what I think true happiness really is, being able to fully be ourselves, while at the same time being connected together and present in the moment. I know there has been introductions of meditation in different schools around the world already showing great results. On a broader note, I think any institution or organization of people can benefit from including some regular meditation. World-renowned meditation teacher Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev believes that in the future, meditation will probably be looked upon as normal and natural in society as for example habits of personal hygiene are today.


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