How to Become Infinite Infinities by Raising Consciousness and Awareness

If one stays for long enough time in a focused awareness on any one perception of the present, there arises a perception of the absence of everything else. That else we can call the accumulated experience, or the assumed past and the expected future. What does this accumulated experience of an individual being encompass, what has been stored in it? Experiences comes through perceptions.

Examples of perceptions of our outer world as humans are:

  • Sounds
  • Sights
  • Smells
  • Tastes
  • Other body senses

Examples of perception of our inner world are:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Dreams
  • Imaginations

All these perceptions can be collectively denominated by different words such as patterns, waves, energies, events to name a few. I will stick to the word pattern for the remainder of this text. They are interconnected and accumulated by an individual being since its birth. Something which is discovered, after searching deeply, is

There are no actual borders in reality!

This can be found in many ways, for example through persistently seeking the most accurate information, or by persistently trying to discover what is the unifying connection between different concepts, by meditation with the goal of experiencing non-duality, or even by stumbling upon it. We can see in science that any measurement of anything ultimately comes from an agreement of a model of reality. Equally so in religion. Any faith comes from accepting an original statement. In this, we understand that there is actually no conflict between religion and science, since both has to start with a statement/belief that is taken as truth. Now before you might say that science is the method of drawing conclusion based on facts, ask yourself, where did those facts come from?

Some interesting conclusions can be drawn from the absence of actual borders in reality is that many things taken for granted, does not exist in the reality outside of the limited experience.

Thus there is no time in reality.

And no separate spatial dimensions.

The concepts of time and space only exist as a reoccurring and thus reinforcing experience. This might seem mind-boggling, but please stay with me.

The personal experience of the universe in each moment can be seen as a function of an enormous structure of interconnected partial structures, where the core stays seemingly fixed, with an emphasis on seemingly. That core part contains among other things the separation between time, space in inner and outer perceptions. But these are also interwoven without any actual border. The experience of there being borders were formed during “earlier” parts of our existence. These borders and the patterns they delimit are mutually arising, they cannot exist without each other in the form they are perceived. Remember however, that these statements of course, form another model, and therefore are not the ACTUAL Truth either.

Deep regular meditation over longer time can raise the awareness of the interrelation between all these structures that seem to be subdivided into distinct categories, but actually must, by nature of it being impossible to actually grasp and define any actual border in reality, be at some point, at some level, the same thing. Meditation slows down intake of perceptions/experiences enough such that reoccurring patterns and their connectivity to other patterns come to the surface of the waking consciousness. They go from being subconscious to being conscious, and can thereby be modified, rethought and restructured. Being then in a state of higher consciousness reconnects, reorders and restructures perceived substructures, for example by changing or questioning beliefs, seeking new information and accepting new experiences.

Another attainable realization in meditation is that there is no self apart from the total experience. And so, there is actually nothing to be afraid or worry about when all is perceived as generated by one single consciousness in the present moment.

There cannot be any limits to what the consciousness is capable of redefining in terms of experienced reality, and the potential of changes and possibilities for any individual being is thus infinite. Not infinity as an unreachable end of only a line, because that is infinity in only one dimension and direction. But infinitely infinite, as infinite in infinite dimensions.

One of the quickest ways of changing the experience of reality, apart from meditation, is to accept as viewpoints which has been resisted, to be held as valid and true for oneself. Direct new experience will then almost immediately show that there is no thing such as an absolute true or false about other beings perception and beliefs about reality, it is only perceived as such in relation to one’s own beliefs. If a belief really seems incompatible, it might be a belief that has been held for a long time. Such beliefs for a human can be both seen as positive or negative. Beliefs about oneself and others as being parents, friends, “enemies”, beliefs about things such as religions, science, childhood, politics, prejudice and many other ideas maintain a sense of separate identity and personality. The drawback of keeping these are that they limit the possibility to learn and embody the actual truth of existence.

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