A vision of the future

In just a few decades or less we will live in a world where

  • we no longer have any borders between countries, because there will no longer be any countries
  • there won’t be any forms to fill in, any need to show who we are to anyone, because we will already know and accept everyone and everyone will accept and knows us
  • we won’t have to worry about legal or illegal, because we will no longer need laws
  • we won’t need to own or pay for anything and there won’t be any lack of anything
  • humans and other animals are recognized as equal beings, on the same level consciously
  • we can move anywhere and do whatever we want without effort
  • we can participate in any activity we like
  • freely express ourselves in any form

This world is coming into existence. More and more we are questioning the validity of old concepts and beliefs, including our own personality constructs. We are seeking truth but not stopping or settling anywhere.

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