πŸ’™ HeaRTSΒ³

HeaRTS is a collaborative multiplayer game integrating elements of real-time strategy, MOBA, simulator and creative sandbox games. It is influenced by current social trends and movements towards an enlightened, unified and conflict-free world

It is part objective or challenge-based and part open-ended creative sandbox, allowing the player to explore and discover various truths. It encourages active participation by its players in the future of humanity by teaching how to make peace.

It aims to provide a completely unique, profound and transformative game experience, while being more than a one-time play.

Selling points are: creative, eye-opening, genre-crossing, stereo-type free


The idea has first grown out of a frustration with other games not being open enough. Especially the difficulty of finding a peaceful community of collaborators. Either everyone is playing on their own world or with family or friends only, or on narrow-minded rule-based servers with fees and rank systems. Also in many games there is fragmentation in, old school, mod based, platforms etc. Generally, there are too many preferences to find matching people to play with

A second frustration and chronologically more primary has been that most RTS, FPS and RPG are mostly about killing and hoarding, with a scripted story/mechanics where there is either the players vs. evil or themselves being evil. Character development has generally been mostly about gathering stuff, adding to character skills and not teaching much new that is applicable outside the games

A third frustration is that otherwise profound games often are either too abstract, environment static, linear in progression, narrative-negative (like a sad poem) and/or only single player.


  • Show a way of no losing side as a valid, fulfilling and engaging path by achieving success through acts with benevolent intent
  • Entertaining enough to be broadcasted as E-sport
  • Multi-platform with RTS and FP-view + possibly other variants depending on device
  • Anyone can join a game β€” no built in restrictions/registration once the game has been acquired
  • Primary goal: collaborative effort to end conflicts between A.I.
  • Secondary goal: All participants are free to continue to explore each game map after conflicts have ended
  • Progression or map themes inspired by societal and individual models for evolution and growth.
  • RTS players on more powerful gaming platforms can give optional quests to FP-players on mobile devices

How does it hold up to the current game market?


  • No in-game ads.
  • Rewarding to play by inherent mechanics
  • Not reliant on crutches or gimmicks
  • Next level of integrating game genres: Competitors are only in genres it joins: Minecraft, popular FPS-games, online multiplayer games, MOBA’s and mobile games and possibly more. The game industry is heavily invested in these but very slow to transform
  • Turns expectations of games in similar genres on its head
  • Comparable games with profound messages or experiences often
  • Potential to garner a lot of attention i.e. free marketing once publicly announced


  • Complex to implement, might very well take a decade
  • Very open, hard to pin down what to include in actual game mechanics.
  • Expected is resistance since the game is challenging beliefs and norms about what narrative and story a game can have, being very provocative to status quo of the world both inside games and outside


  • RTS, RPG and 3D sandbox world in one
  • Multi-platform multiplayer
  • Progressive joining of currently active games, anywhere, anytime with anyone. Each A.I. unit liberated from the initial conflict can be controlled by a player joining.
  • Seamless stage/map progression/evolution of both A.I. and player participants
  • Music is created initially by A.I., then unlocked to be changed by players


User experience

  • Give a new fresh perspective on gaming to players all over the world
  • Be easy to understand and enter for people regardless of background
  • Expose how everything in reality is connected at many levels
  • Inspire to real-life changes through core values implemented in the game. I.e. inspire thoughts and actions based on truth, love, sharing, beauty, kindness, care, openness and freedom to be tried out IRL
  • Free of stereotypes and even language, leaving the player free to interpret
  • Story aligned with current state of the world
  • Set new standards for what to expect of video games
  • Give a sense of free discovery, interaction and collaboration among players while solving problems and building creatively
  • Not avoid painful truths: A.I. will hurt and kill players both intentionally and by mistake, depending on the game state. This will make reaching the end-game to feel all the more rewarding.


  • A creative commons open source version should be made available for educational purposes.
  • Adapt settings dependent on user device performance. Cater to spectra from low-end smartphone to high. From low-end PC/console to high-end.
  • Reasonable backward compatibility.
  • Authentic organism models
  • Optimize latency by using a model similar to P2P
  • Integrate sharing of game progression through latest social media (screenshots / screen movie capture / stream)

Additional concept ideas

  • Available map area expands as the game progresses
  • Game play mechanics are changed by raising awareness and questioning limitations and perspectives. A possibility is for initial players to interact through inserting new emotions, feelings and thoughts into A.I. at appropriate times, freeing up the first unit for a player to join as. Example: love : avoid killing. curiosity : stray off designated path. truth : questioning validity of current action. beauty : stopping activity.
  • When units are under direct control direct actions can express care, compassion, kindness, sharing and teaching of skills and interchange of information.
  • A possibility can be to include negative actions and have these make the player lose control over the character.