πŸ’™ HeaRTS

HeaRTS is creative, eye-opening, genre-crossing and stereo-type free, a completely unique collaborative multiplayer game integrating elements of real-time strategy, MOBA, simulator and creative sandbox games. It is influenced by current movements and social trends towards a conflict-free, enlightened and unified world.

HeaRTS provides a deep, diverse, profound and transformative experience, enough to last for many play-throughs

HeaRTS begins as a challenge- or objective-based game, allowing the players to explore and discover various truths. After the main objective has been reached it is transformed into an open-ended creative sandbox game, giving the players a sense of freedom and fulfillment. By teaching how to make peace it encourages active participation in the future of humanity and life on Earth.


The game has grown out of three frustrations. These three are

  1. RTS-, A/FP- and RP- games are mostly about hoarding and killing with a scripted story/mechanics where players are against evil or themselves being evil with character development limited to adding character skills and gathering objects and does not teach anything applicable outside of the games
  2. Current games are not open enough. Generally, there are so many gamers with particular peculiar preferences that is is hard to find people to play with. It is difficult to find peaceful communities. People play on their own world or only with family or friends, or on servers with narrow-minded rule-based fees and rank systems. There is also fragmentation within many games through versions, mods and platforms
  3. Current games marketed as profound are either too abstract, void of non-linear progression, have stale non-interactive environments, negative narratives without positive solutions and/or no multi-player

From these have grown a cross-genre, dynamic, positively profound and open game where goodness is encouraged inherently through thoughtful design and mechanics


  • Anyone can join a game β€” no built in restrictions/registration once the game has been acquired
  • Be entertaining enough to be broadcasted as an E-sport
  • Have map themes and progression inspired by societal and individual models for evolution and growth
  • Show through acts with benevolent intent achieving the most success that no losing side in conflicts is possible and ultimately an engaging, fulfilling and valid path


  • Collaborate to end conflicts between A.I
  • Continue exploring the game map//world as a collaborative creative sandbox with all participants after conflicts have ended
  • Host game sessions on more powerful platforms
  • Join in FP- perspective and receive commands from RTS-players as optional quests
  • Play in FP- and/or RTS- view depending on device performance
  • Play in first person mode on mobile devices
  • Reverse battle royale

How does it hold up to the current game market?


  • All-encompassing uniqueness makes HeaRTS inherently rewarding to play
  • By integrating game genres such as BR, FP, MMORPGS, MOBA and sandbox HeaRTS has no direct competitor
  • By providing a profound experience and message HeaRTS does not disappoint
  • Expectations from the game genres HeaRTS incorporates are turned on upside-down
  • HeaRTS is free from annoying and distracting features such as in-game ads and monetization or lack of replayability
  • Once publicly announced HeaRTS has the potential to garner a lot of attention


  • Estimated to take fifteen years of development before the official release; All aspects will take a lot of work, from art, coding, design, graphics, mechanics, sound etc.
  • Parts of the public might resist the game since it is challenges beliefs and norms about what narrative and story a game can have. It might appear provocative to people not open to change, both within the world of games and to the world at large. This could demand more dedication and strength from the people engaged in its development than in more mainstream games.

Unique features

  • An A.I. unit liberated from a conflict can be controlled by a joining player
  • Combination of 3D sandbox world, RPG and RTS with collaborative mini-games.
  • Multi-platform multiplayer
  • Progressive joining of currently active games, anywhere, anytime for anyone
  • Music created by A.I. and gradually unlocked to players as game progresses
  • Seamless stage//map evolution//progression of both A.I. and player participants



  • Be aligned with current state of the world
  • Expose our interconnectedness at many levels
  • Provide a fresh perspective on gaming
  • Set higher standards for what to expect of video games


  • Authentic life-like portrayal of environment, players and organisms employing the state-of-the-art in fractal generation, modelling and textures
  • Flawless intuitive user interface
  • Seamless transitions between FP-, RTS- and spectator modes.

User experience

  • Gives a sense of free discovery, interaction and collaboration among players while solving problems and building creatively
  • Has a clear message free of language and stereotypes
  • Inspires real-life action and changes through implemented core values: beauty, care, freedom, kindness, love, openness, sharing and truth
  • Is easy to enter and intuitively understand for people regardless of background
  • Reaching end-game feels extremely rewarding. Especially by including painful truths: The original, non-liberated A.I. kill players both intentionally and by mistake, depending on the game state


  • Integrates sharing of game progression through latest social media (screenshots / screen movie capture / stream)
  • Game company servers provide lists of available games online
  • Is open source
  • Maintains backward compatibility
  • Made accessible to low-end console/PC/mobile devices by adaptive setting
  • Optimizes latency through a networking similar to P2P

Additional ideas

  • Available map area expands as the game progresses
  • Careless, negative actions make the player lose control over the character
  • Game play options are expanded by questioning limitations and perspectives and raising awareness. A possibility is for initial players to interact through inserting new emotions, feelings and thoughts into A.I. at appropriate times, freeing up the first unit for a player to join as. Example: love : avoid killing. curiosity : stray off designated path. truth : questioning validity of current action. beauty : stopping activity
  • When units are under direct control direct actions can express care, compassion, kindness, sharing and teaching of skills and interchange of information