As you enter Ḍādxièya (ꕩ䪥ﺿ) you find yourself next to what resembles a small square park.
Next to it is a high stone wall with a map.

The place you appeared in seems to be in the middle of it.
In chests and on the wall are notes and instructions left by Avión Photon.
Looking around, you realize that what is you thought was a park is ALSO a large map.

As you look closer you discover signs of different places…
“Amusement park”
“Garden monastery”
“Sanctuary lake”

Next to each sign are pressure plates. What will happen if you step on one?
You choose to step on one of the pressure plates.


you have been teleported away!

The new place is great fun to explore and you feel like visiting the other places too!
But how will you get back?
You could walk… but …  in which direction? How far?
What if there is a way to get teleported back again instead?

You start wondering about the mysterious writings you saw on the signs when you explored this new place..
They seem to hint towards something…


  • Map representing the 2000×2000 area in a scale of 1:100 to navigate around Ḍādxièya.
  • 19 locations includes a game with a puzzle or riddle! Clues are often given with signs, and books
  • Easter egg locations only found by walking


Download link – click here (requires a Minecraft Java Edition installed on a PC or Mac. Ḍādxièya is currently in Minecraft version 1.12.2)

Mirror download link (on Mediafire)


Can anyone solve the puzzles?

They might be very hard to solve if you are inexperienced with Minecraft, or even if you are a Minecraft Master. Even the creator of the map gets lost sometimes.

I can’t solve a puzzle, can you help me?

In case you feel very frustrated or just curious, I compiled a PDF with the solutions. Both to remember them myself, and to help anyone struggling with them. It has nice pictures of the builds. I recommend it if you are just curious, hesitant or don’t have the game available!! Click here to download it.

Which puzzles are the easiest and which are the hardest? I want to visit them in a certain order!

Click here to see the build list It has difficulty ratings for the puzzles

I don’t have Minecraft but would like to see the builds!

Click here to go to the build list It has links to build journal entries on the Minecraft forums showing each build, and even how they were built. The forums are also a great place to find out more about Minecraft and ask questions about the game.

What are the coordinates to spawn and the teleportation map?

-39 79 -25

Where did you get the ideas for the map?

Ḍādxièya was originally just my main personal creative world, a place to build whatever I felt inspired to build. But as I built a few things I eventually I yearned for a way to travel more quickly between locations.
Although I could use the /tp command, I wanted to try out command blocks.
I also wanted a nice overview of where I had built things. Thus I created the teleportation map. I didn’t want to disturb the builds, so I hid the command blocks, integrating their method of activation into the environment.

Where did you get the ideas for the builds?

Most of the builds are built purely from imagination, but some have external sources:

  • The Buddhist temple is inspired by the Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang monastery in Tibet [wikipedia link]
  • Ideas for the Japanese village and house came partly from a book from 1889 by Edward S. Morse. It is 418 pages of detailed descriptions along with beautiful illustrations. It doesn’t show up if you just google ‘Japanese architecture’, so it is a bit of a hidden gem. HTML, Kindle, EPUB, pdf and text of the book are available at Project Gutenberg, but when I built the houses I used this page which I find more easy to browse and read than for example the pdf.
  • Quotes and poems on signs come from a variety of sources, and are hopefully all correctly attributed in-game. Text authored by myself is usually unsigned.

What does the name mean?

Ḍādxièya is how the characters ꕩ䪥ﺿ are pronounced. Read from the right to the left, the name consists of one Arabic, one Chinese character and one Vai glyph. I’d like to think of it as a symbol for a dream of a united world without borders, where cultural and national identities no longer play any significant roles. It can also be seen as a prototype idea for how a our different languages might soon be morphed into a common language read and spoken by everyone on Earth. It would of course be more blended, with the different scripts no longer as readily distinguishable, but still. It was created by taking the world seed as decimals, converting it into binary and then into unicode.

I want to play and create in Minecraft like you do! What do I need besides the game?

Click here to find inspiration for build ideas, software for enhancing in-game graphics, online build-tools and texture packs.

If you still have questions, contact me and I will do my best to answer any of them!

Donate to support

Donations help cover hosting, support and future updates! The amount is up to you.
Details are available under ‘Support’ in the site menu. The easiest way is to open the support page as a new tab in your browser and follow the instructions while keeping this page open.
You will first be asked to make a transfer, and then to fill in a form. Write ‘minecraft creative’ in the message field for the message to be filtered correctly by the email client.

If you donate above a certain amount, you get can choose a perk! Make sure to include ‘perks’ in the message field! The current perk levels are:

  1. $10/€10/100SEK or more: Your name and the amount donated on a sign on the wall next to the 3D-map!
  2. $50/€50/500SEK or more: A creation named in your honor and inspired by any information you want to share about yourself, built during 2 hours of game time.
  3. 100/1000SEK or more: A custom creation decided by you, built during 4 hours of game time!

If you want the custom creation, make sure to specify it clearly in the message along with the donation. Take the chance to contribute as awesome an addition as possible to the next world download! The more specific your request the better. Don’t limit your imagination!

This page can help you come up with original ideas